Podcasting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Equipment for Professional-Quality Sound

The Essential Equipment Every Podcaster Needs 


If you're thinking about starting a podcast, or if you're a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your equipment, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll go through all the essential equipment you need to create a high-quality podcast. From microphones to mixers, we've got you covered. 



First and foremost, you need a good microphone. A microphone is the most important piece of equipment for a podcaster, as it captures your voice and transfers it into an audio file. For a high-quality recording, you want a microphone that can capture your voice clearly and accurately. 

Elite recommends a popular microphone used by podcasters  

Audio Technica AT2020 Studio Microphone-Cardioid Condenser Mic + Headphones : This microphone is a great choice for beginners, as it's affordable and has a clear, warm sound. This package also comes with studio quality headphones and condensers. 


Audio Interface/Mixer 

Once you have a microphone, you need a way to connect it to your computer. This is where an audio interface or mixer comes in. An audio interface is a device that connects your microphone to your computer, and a mixer allows you to adjust the volume levels and mix multiple audio sources together. 

Elite recommends some popular audio interfaces and mixers choices for podcasters  

  1. Scarlett2i2 3rd generation audio interface: This is the most popular choice among podcasters, as it's affordable, easy to use, and has great sound quality. 
  1. Podcaster Kit : This kit includes an audio Mixer with sound Card, tenlamp two 3.5mm Studio Condenser Microphone and G3 audio interface sound board voice changer, perfect for podcast, PC recording and gaming Live Streaming this mixer is a great choice for beginners, as it's affordable and has basic features that are easy to use.




You also need a good pair of headphones to monitor your audio while recording. Headphones allow you to hear what you're recording in real-time, so you can make adjustments as needed 

Some great headphones from our collection include the Beats solo3, Pro Studio Headphone and the Audio Technica AT2020 Studio Microphone-Cardioid Condenser Mic + Headphones also is equipped with a pair of great headphones. 

These are the essential pieces of equipment that every podcaster needs to have to ensure their content is of high quality. Shop at Elite for the latest electronics. 



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