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The digital signal calculates the human voice, accompaniment, and sound effects through multiple channels to make the sound quality clearer and more stable, ensuring the layering and spatial sense of singing and voice, making the sound during live broadcast more round and three-dimensional.


Name: Live Sound Card K1

Charging voltage: DC5V

Battery capacity: 1800MAH

Product weight: 1.2KG

Product size: 242X172X28MM/9.53”*6.77*11.02

Interface diameter: 3.5mm

Sound card charging: MICRO USB

Supported devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers

Package includes:

1x digital sound card

1x USB to mini USB cable

3 x 3.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRRS

  • 1.Function: Multifunctional Equalizer, Independent Regulation, Microphone input.For Mobile Computer Audio Interface Sound Card
  • 2. The upgraded version live sound card voice changer supports Bluetooth wireless accompaniment
  • 3.Wide Compatibility:For Computer PC Mobile Phone Network Live Video
  • 4.Support Dual Mobile phone Network Live( or 1 Mobile phone 1 Computer Live
  • 5.The mini sound card can be used for DJ, music studio recording, condenser microphone, karaoke online, podcast, mic, singing, k song, live stream and so on

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