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Features :
- THICKER IS BETTER: 2-inch thick acoustic panel. Achieve the optimum sound absorption and reflection with our 2-inch thick pyramid-shaped acoustic foam, which is easily applied to walls ceilings and doors. Finally get the sound clarity you’re looking for!
- EASILY COVER LARGE AREAS: Get more coverage more quickly! Measuring a convenient 12”x12”x2”, each tile covers 1 sq. ft. To cover a surface of 24 sq. ft, you would only need 24 packs.
- ENHANCES SOUND QUALITY OF ROOM: Get that perfect recording or sound absorption you’re looking for. Kill reverb, echoing, and waves with this ideal wall foam, perfectly suited for recording studios, home theaters, or general sound reduction.
- SOUND-DAMPENING PYRAMID SHAPE: Developed especially for optimizing sound quality and reduction, the acoustic panel uses a pyramid shape, achieving maximum surface area for the utmost sound control. You can hear the difference!
Uses Safe Materials: Crafted from fire-retardant material, this sound absorbing foam is safe to use in small and medium-sized rooms. Mute the sound and stay safe doing it!
Specifications :
Material: high quality foam
Color: Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Red, Gray
Dimension: 30x30x5cm (12x12x2")
Weight: 430g
Package Included :
8 x Acoustic Foams

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