Video Camera Gimbal Grip Stabilizer


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The FANGUFA Simple camera handheld stabilizer, mainly used for small cameras and video cameras weighing less than 1KG. With flexible handles, smooth gimbal head, additional weights, camera fixing table with rubber pads, and optional handle fixing screw holes on it, allowing users to easily balance the camera , And take stable shots. The handle turns very flexible and smooth

Material:quality Aluminum alloy

Main pallet width:5cm

Handle diameter:3.2cm


Maximum load:1.5kg



1x stabilizer bracket

1x universal handle

3x counterweights

Aluminum alloy material,lightweight and durable
Arc design,simple,labor-saving and easy to adjust
Addition and deletion of 2 counterweights
Universal handle,comfortable and not slippery
The main pallet with rubber pads protects the camera base from wear
Five different screw holes to match the handle,you can choose the position of the handle at will

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