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You are a Creator! This Bower Ultimate Vlogger Kit is packed with features and accessories to accommodate all aspects of your creative venture. The best part is that it is very low profile and no bulk means on-the-go creation. The kit includes a 50-LED video light with a charging cable and three (3) color diffusers. The colors of the diffusers are white, orange, and blue, these are true creators' best colors to diffuse any harsh lighting and will make live videos pop and reduce nearly all post-production editing. The kit also includes an HD microphone with a wind/muff screen that reduces outside noise and can complement your speakers' voices. The tabletop tripod and the cold shoe bracket work together to effectively create the perfect low-profile setup that you will use to make your creation the best. The bracket has two (2) cold shoes, one for the LED light and one for the microphone, and was designed to easily attach to the tripod via the mounting head on the tripod. Simply screw it on before you put your smartphone on the phone mount that attaches to the top of the bracket. The tripod has a 360-degree ball head mount that seamlessly allows you to capture the best creative angle for your shot. The included remote control with Bluetooth technology gives you the freedom to set up your smartphone and click from anywhere within 30 feet to make the magic happen. Easy to assemble, just attach the bracket, and either the smartphone mount or the action camera, or both at the same time if needed. Who says we don't think ahead? Once you complete assembly and turn your newly found best gadget bag contents, go create.
  • The Bower® Ultimate Vlogger Kit is the ultimate vlogging setup for your smartphone and action camera.
  • This kit is specially designed to be used by anyone. 
  • All of your essential accessories are included in this kit to stabilize and light your videos or pictures so you can shoot anywhere, anytime. 
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 360° Ball Head
  • Prevents Camera Shake
  • Snap on attachment design

The Ultimate Vlogger Kit includes:

  • 50 LED Video Light, w/ 3 color temperature diffusers
  • HD Microphone for clear and amplified recording
  • Phone & Action mount for your smartphone & action camera
  • Dual Cold-Shoe bracket to hook up both your light & microphone simultaneously
  • A  tripod with an, in-house Bluetooth Wireless Remote Shutter

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