How to become a professional Photographer/ Videographer

Hello and welcome all , we here at EliteBlackMarket love photography and we are sure many people are as well. Photography/videography is a great career that grants a lot of freedom to an individual enabling them to express themselves through pictures and motions by creating spectacular types of art . Let us help you get started with some great equipment that will have you a few steps closer to becoming a full time professional ! 


1. Lighting Kits 

Studio Lights gives you the versatility to execute shoots in all environments without the worry of poor lighting for you and your clients satisfaction easy to use and set up constructed from aluminium alloy,giving them exceptional strength for heavy duty work and use quick single action locks,providing fast precision height adjustment.this helps you get the required brightness to your angles for a more aesthetically pleasing shot photographs create memories that last a lifetime gift your client the chance to smile for years to come. 

check out our studio lighting kit :

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2. Coloured light strips 

Coloured light strips are a great way to illuminate the light of your camera or monitor while also improving the look and feel of your photos! The light can be adjusted to change from warm white (light sensor) to bright red with just one light, allowing you to set up an even more colourful environment that will not look out of place in a room, this gives your pictures more emotion and can be captivating for your audience , proper usage will certainly attract more clients

Colorful photography lights :

 Colorful Photography Fill Light - The Elite Black Market

3. Monopod Stand 

This is a camera accessory that helps photographers capture more stabilised shots maybe family portraits wedding photographs overall grouped pictures easy to travel with and use spontaneously Quick release leg lockNon-slip rubber foot and nail foot changeable for different condition Lightweight and portable Ideal for outdoor, travel and timer shoots May be primarily enjoyed with point-and-shoot cameras; however, it is also capable of being used as a video boom or sound boom. These qualities make this product a solid addition to your photography arsenal 

Monopod :

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4. Vlogger smartphone video rig

A favourite among YouTube vloggers Fully equipped with a mount microphone and stabiliser Get more up close and personal with your videos all from shooting with your smartphone  Great Design for Filming on the Go with your smartphone. Get a Smooth Video and take steady shots and capture unique life’s experiences, it is a must have smart phone Video Rig for Professional Video makers who trust that their smartphone is more than suitable to complete the task 

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5. Elite Thumb action camera VX edition

This is the moment you've been waiting on a camera very scarce on the market with the superpowers to take over the photography / videography game we present the Thumb action camera, the name stays true to its size but is way under appreciative of its high qualities this has Upgraded flow state stabilisation technology High quality camera sensor, its image are comparable to mainstream sports cameras Ultra-wide angle Upgraded waterproof performance,enabling you to capture breathtaking shots basking in the beauty of underwater life. Bluetooth remote control to gain hands free smart shooting , protection lens, Al editing optimisation and a long battery life of up to 150 mins This is a truly powerful camera and with such qualities it does sport a tall asking price of $400.00 but it is truly worth the investment 

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Photography can be the avenue of financial freedom for many people interested in only saw this practice as a hobby with these tools you can surly feel more motivation to unleash your full potential and enter a world that truly has no limits. We hope you gained some valuable insight on some of the outstanding products stated in our blog and just like anything in life there are various alternative options we do have other equipment that may better suite you and your lifestyle check the out in our collection.


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