How to improve home security for the summer

Summer promotes a feelings of being carefree ,searching for more ways to relax, keep cool and enjoy the moment . We might get a little complacent during these summer months and relax our routines. Most vacations are planned during the summer, more outdoor activities occur this often times leave our homes vacant with windows and doors open or unlocked during the day and night. 

Of course summer activities with the family and friends are fun and well needed, but as homeowners with loved ones and other valuables to protect it’s important to remain vigilant no matter what the weather is outside,Studies have shown that summers have higher rates of household property victimisation over the other seasons withing the year. 

Common reasons for this include household behaviours such as tendency to leave alarms off during the summer months and discussing vacations on social media before leaving. 

Let’s review some products to that will give you more peace of mind for your overall home during the summer 


Home Security Camera

This is best used for the outside of the house, have eyes at blind spots on your compound around the house. Easy to install and use,clear and smooth video whether night or day  browsing, intelligent transmission remote real-time motion detection, linkage photo/video; mobile phone alarm and other notification methods. A great start to your home's complete safety 


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Now that we have handled outside the house lets get more intimate with inside the house,


Secret Mini Camera

This mini camera is perfect for bedrooms, offices and even safes, being so small it holds a great advantage of camouflaging in its environment. Compatible with android and iOS devices this means you get notifications of movement or sound straight to your phone even gives the power to record a time frame. this is the ultimate gadget for home security handling situations discretely

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Smart Lock

The smart lock is a top seller as this grants even more privacy for homeowners. Having your doorknob being a fingerprint of passcode verification ensures more protection and safety.


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These are three essential home security products you can get to feel more safe at home even when you're not there, Summer is very exciting time of the year evade moments of grief and chaos by ensuring your house is protected. Your home your family your life your responsibility .


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